School of Athena - A place of thinking

School of Athena – A place of thinking

About this blog

The website contains three sections; BlogPortfolio and Software.


This is my personal blog, where I write my random thoughts so that later on I can later on refer to and continue developing them.

Random thoughts that come to my mind through out the day that are mainly about:

  • Science and philosophy of life
  • Evolution of life, consciousness and intelligence
  • Cosmos
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Software Engineering

I tend to do my thinking based on the latest scientific discoveries, so through out the posts you’ll see many thoughts that are somehow related to the recent discoveries.

What you read from this blog is based on the writer’s personal reasoning and belief system, therefor it could be totally incorrect, if of course the recent scientific discoveries turn to be incorrect. It is tried to use reference when something is stated from other sources. Most of the statements are from recent researches and documentaries.

The blog is the place I put my thoughts, whenever I think of a concept during my daily basis, I write it down so I can refer to it later. the reason behind this, is that I believe the process of thinking and analyzing a concept is a continuous process, that means the one may forget what he/she was thinking about, but the mind continues the thinking process from the very same state that was left, that is when one stopped thinking about a concept. We are mostly unaware of this fact, mind never forgets anything.

So, I’m trying to be useful for myself and help this process…

My mind is occupied with concepts related to the philosophy of life, that is the way of we humans live… our belief systems… our algorithms of life…

Then, there is the science of life.. the science that mankind has achieved during it’s evolution, and within this science lies some principals that seems to be very related to the philosophy of life…

I believe science is a type of knowledge that can be applied on everything, including one’s philosophy of life. In other words, I believe science should be applied on our philosophy of lives. Scientific studies and discoveries are showing the true nature of universe and humans as a very small part of it. The more we find out about our own nature, the way our bodies and our brains function, the more profound we can live our lives once those discoveries are applied on our lives.

Portfolio and Software page:

The portfolio page is where you can find our more about me and my profession. You can also access my profile pages on social medias. My resume is also downloadable in that page.

The software page holds my personal software projects, there links to their Google Code projects and Wiki pages. Via that page, you can access my project list.

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